Saturday, February 5, 2011

kiss your life

“Kiss your life. Accept it just as it is. Today. Now. So that
those moments of happiness you’re waiting for do not pass you
by. Kiss your life. Today. Now. Just as it is.”

I found this quote on someone’s blog. It was printed on a canvas that the writer displays in her home. I don’t know who said it…but it speaks to me.

When a significant someone (or something…like a dream or an idea or a belief) leaves, you have to reevaluate life…you have to refocus. You can (probably will) go through depression…you can question the need to go on with life as usual…The thinking might be: “If this can happen once, it can happen again.” “What’s the use?”

Anything becomes possible…especially the unspeakable…the things of nightmares and worst case scenarios. The monster is under your bed…there is a big, deep, black hole waiting to gobble you up….

So much of life consists of searching for the gold at the end of the rainbow….The “If I could just make (win) this much money....” “If I could just get this…go here…go there.” If I had just married that person (or not married this person).” “If I could move.” “If I could stay.” “If I had done this.” “If I had not done that.” “If we had only known….” This kind of thinking can multiply quickly in times of trouble…in times of life and death…

I have found that the sooner I accept life as it is…warts and all…looking not for that which is perfect, but for that which is sustaining…
like: time with family, a child’s genuine enjoyment of little things, learning something new, God’s presence…These small, quite things of life have made my heart smile again…. Not for long. Not forever. But for today. For now. I’m trying to learn to kiss my life again.