Monday, September 22, 2008

walk on

I have been listened to the words of the song, “Walk On,” that Kathy quoted on her scripture cards, on UTUBE. A group called 4Him sings it. The words are beautiful, and they speak to me right in the place that I am in now. These are the words:

“The wind blows hard
The climb is slow
Shadows are dark
I stumble on these stones
But my Lord,
You are near
I will not fear
I chose to take this road called faith
I will walk on
I trust that You will lead me through
I will walk on
No end in view
At times I feel alone
and the signs are few
But at least they all say home,
And You my Lord,
You're the hope I hold
Strength of my soul
Because of love
There was an awful hill You climbed
And because of love
I'll live my faith
One step at a time
The course is set
Life's hard but yet
We will walk on Around each bend,
until the end
We will walk on”

When I first started, I didn’t know life’s journey was going to be such a hard walk. Jesus, though, has shown me the way (all the way to the cross), and he helps me every day…I just have to put my eyes on him, and keep walking.