Sunday, August 16, 2009

climbing mountains

Last week, Loyd and I went on a short vacation to a state park in Oklahoma. There were some small mountains (hills), with lots of rocks, to climb. It was beautiful! Loyd and I were hiking to some cliffs that overlook a lake. It was a long hike, and we started up a rocky hill. I gave out, and sat on a log. Loyd continued to climb to see if he could find a cliff (just because he knew I wanted to stand on one so badly). He found one! He came back down and urged me on. He told me it was just a little way up…a hard climb, to be sure, but he assured me it was worth the climb. I garnered my energy and continued the climb. He was right! We came to a cliff. It overlooked a lake, and we could see forever. We were on top of the world!

As we were hiking back to the car (a long hike), I was thinking about how often I am going through a difficult circumstance, and I want to give up; but God urges me on…telling me how good it’s going to be at the top. I was thinking about how he helps me…urges me on…supports me…encourages me. How he helps me to get to the top (if I trust him and keep trudging ahead). I was also thinking how good it would be to have people, who walk along with us, helping us continue the climb in difficult times of our lives.

At the end of the mountain hike, I was tired! But…I was also exhilarated…proud of myself…more in love with my Loyd than ever…and in possession of a memory that will never leave me.

The life lesson in this…I pray that I will trust and obey so that God can lead me to the beauty he has ahead for me. I also pray that I will be aware of the needs of those around me… and be willing to help them continue the climb.