Sunday, May 2, 2010

live with him

The only way to prepare to meet God is to live with him so that to meet him shall be nothing strange.” Phillips Brooks

When you know somebody…you know them. Not perfectly, of course, but you can have a good idea of his/her thinking/reaction patterns; you can be aware of past activities and choices; and you can understand some of the motivations or his/her life. It is no different than what we can learn about God when we spend a lot of time with him. Our relationship with God is just that…a relationship. It can be spare. It can be untruthful. It can be us doing the talking. On the other hand, our relationship with God can mirror the relationship that Mary modeled. Mary’s relationship with Jesus consisted of sitting at the feet of Jesus; looking up lovingly into his eyes, and hanging on to every word.

When I meet Jesus, at the end of this life on earth, I want nothing to be “strange” between me and him. That means I have to live as close to him as I can. It also means I need to know how he feels about things…what he sees as important…what he would give his life for.

The Bible says that God chose Noah to save the people and animals of the world, from the big flood, because Noah walked with him. I believe that God is still looking to people who walk with him…people who spend time with him…people who know his heart...people who live with him.

I want to be one of those people.