Saturday, July 3, 2010

missing my sister

Our Kathy has been gone for two years today. I miss my sister. I miss her care and attention to my life. I miss her daily calls to check on me…to update me…to connect with me. There are still times that I need to tell Kathy something…she is the only one who would understand…but she is gone; and the absolute finality of it takes my breath away every time I remember that she is gone.

Someone very precious and valuable has been taken from our lives…someone we did not know that we could live without. It seems she floated quietly away from our grasp. She didn’t even say goodbye.

My sister is gone, and I miss her every day.



James R Lobo said...

Oh sorry to hear that!!! Even i love my sister and can understand your pain!!!

Don said...

It is a sad thing. Kathy is in heaven looking down and for all we know, she may be understanding your grief, but may not, heaven being what it is. Somewhat akin to your missing Kathy, we miss seeing almost weekly some of our best friends in Nacogdoches and also Jacksonville, Florida. But God is always present and knows everything about us, so we have to cast our cares on Him.

alter ego said...

she might visit you in dreams... thats how i comunicate with the people i've lost...

i like this blog :)