Sunday, September 19, 2010

happy birthday, sister

My sister, Debbi’s, birthday was last Thursday. I decided to make a quick trip to see her this weekend. We had a lovely time together.

We shopped a little, “ran around” a little, ate some good food, had pedicures; and then we went back to her house, got into some comfy clothes, piled up to watch movies, eat stinky chips and ice cream, surf the internet, and read. Like I said…it was lovely. To top it off, the weather outside was rainy and fallish. I enjoyed it all immensely.

I cannot express the wonderful blessing Deb has been to my life (and many other lives, too). She is so smart and strong and willing to work. But above all, she sees the needs of others around her, and tries her best to meet those needs.

I never remember a day of my life without my sister. We have shared many joys and many sorrows. She knows me as well as anyone on earth, and she still loves me, and enjoys spending time with me. Her day of birth was a wonderful gift to me…

Happy birthday, Sister. I love you. Have a wonderful new year of life.



Shirley Mary said...

Love it!
Debbi is such a special blessing in the lives of so many. . I cherish her friendship!