Sunday, October 3, 2010

you are blessed when you are hungry and thirsty


When my soul is hungry and thirsty, I continue to go to the place of sustenance. I crave it. I long for it. This is the human experience…longing, wanting, and craving. We are born with it and we die with it.

Jesus wants me to have that hunger for him. He wants to fill me and sustain me. He wants to feed me. He wants to be everything to me.

Sad to say, I have spent a lifetime of looking for food and drink for my soul in all the wrong places….people, church, jobs, family, and (yes)… even through real food…you name it…I’ve gone there looking for it.

But here, Jesus is saying to me that when I go to him with my unquenchable hunger and thirst, he will fill me…in fact, in other places in the Bible, it is promised that I will be filled to overflowing. That speaks of extravagance…of having much more than I need. Who doesn’t want to be there?

Revelation is becoming one of my favorite books of the the Bible (who would have thought it)…These words of promise are spoken in the last chapter:

Is anyone thirsty? Come!
All who will, come and drink.
Drink freely of the Water of Life!

My hunger and thirst become a blessing, because they drive my straight into the arms of Jesus.


PS I am so tired today. Lord, please help me. I need all that you have for me. Fill me to overflowing.