Tuesday, August 12, 2008


There was a blood drive, held in Kathy’s memory, at our church, last month. Kathy was to be the coordinator of it, but it was another event she missed.

It has made me think about blood and the life-giving properties of blood. I’ve always known I had to have blood to live, but I didn’t really understand the intricacies of our need for blood. Kathy had first hand knowledge of this, and that was why she was so passionate about donating to the blood center…she gave platelets regularly. Also, she and the twins were poster children for our local blood bank. Kathy told her family’s story publically several times (Wasn’t she amazing?).

Blood tells my body’s story. When my doctor takes a small vial of my blood and measures my blood pressure each year, it gives him all kinds of information…Am I eating nutrient-rich or artery-clogging foods? Are my organs healthy…able to do their jobs? Am I exercising…enabling my heart to pump my blood to the places it needs to go?

Believe me…from this dark place we have been… when your body gets in trouble, it is imperative that it has reserves on which to draw . Your body needs to be in top-notch working order.

I’ve got one body to get me through this life…I’m determined to take care of it!