Saturday, October 11, 2008

happy birthday, mom

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. We had a wonderful dinner which mom prepared for us last night…yes, she made her own birthday meal. It was a delicious fish dinner…my mom can really cook!

My mom is gifted in lots of way. She’s a master cook, teacher, gardener, researcher, theologian, and political pundit. Most of all, she’s a servant… and she exercises that gift daily.

All this brings me to why Mama misses our Kathy so much. Kathy and Mom had a long history of serving others, together. They were the “dynamic duo.” They were always putting their heads together to plan and scheme, and get some big “happening” together. The night Kathy got sick, she and mom talked about all the food that was to be purchased and prepared for our family’s beach trip…no small undertaking…with 20 something hungry people (most of them kids and teens) to feed.

It wasn’t unusual for them to make meals for many more than are in our family, and they did it superbly with grace. They loved it!

I think that Kathy and Mom were each others’ best friends. They helped each other and supported each other in a lot of ways…their lives were lived closely…both in body and in spirit. My mom has lost a big part of her life and herself, and this is heartbreaking to me.

All that I know is that God has always promised to help us and stay close to us during these times. I know this because my mom has lived it before me.

Happy birthday, Mom. I love you. Thank you for the wonderful example of selflessly serving and helping those around you. Thank you for the ways you have always served me. You have added so much sunshine to my days.

I pray for you daily and I love you,


Don said...

Happy birthday, Edna. You have some company this month with Elmer and Dorothy having a birthday each this month.

Gayla, let your mom know I read about her birthday in your blog.