Saturday, November 22, 2008


I sound like a broken record…but, this has been another hard week. The beginning of the week was full of tears and sadness.
Several things contributed to this, I think. Last weekend, the Texas sisters and Loyd did most of the Hiebert Christmas shopping in Houston. So tiring, but we got most of it done. We all felt God’s help in it. It really seems to have been an impossible task…but most of it is done. I even have friends at school and school who volunteered to get the gifts for the tree wrapped. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, friends.
We celebrated Todd’s birthday on Wednesday. I think he had a good day. His school was very gracious to him. Todd is hanging in there. He does a great job caring for his children. We had a family meal Wednesday evening. It is always good to have the family together…especially in celebration.
Kathy’s grave marker got here, too. I haven’t seen it yet, but I hear it is beautiful. Who would have thought that would be the big purchase made in Kathy’s behalf this season? Life has a way of delivering some surprising twists and turns to us.
In this sadness and grief, I am continually reminded of David’s words in Psalm 54:4:

“Surely God is my help;
the Lord is the one who sustains me.”

God’s help is the only way we’ll ever make it through these hard times we find ourselves in.