Thursday, November 13, 2008

it's all yours

I’ve been hearing the Curtis Chapman song, “Yours,” on the radio at the gym every morning. The song I’ve been hearing is perfect for the road I’m traveling right now. The problem was, though, I couldn’t find the exact lyrics. I’ve just realized that an extra verse has been added. I suppose it has been added since Mr. Chapman lost his five year old daughter in a tragic accident last May. The words tell me that our particular pain is very similar. It goes like this:

“I’ve walked the valley of death’s shadow
So deep and dark that I could barely breathe
I’ve had to let go of more than I could bear
And questioned everything that I believe
But still even here in this great darkness
A comfort and hope come breaking through
As I can say in life or death
God we belong to you.

And its all Yours, God, Yours, God
Everything is Yours
From the stars in the sky
To the depths of the ocean floor
And its all Yours, God, Yours, God
Everything is Yours
All the greatness and power, the glory and splendor and majesty
Everything is Yours
…it’s all Yours
We are Yours
The glory and honor is Yours, everything is Yours”

In my everyday life, it is hard to remember that God is in control. In the middle of the gut-wrenching pain and the bone-searing tiredness, I forget. But when I look at the color streaked sky at sun-down, or the bright falling leaves of autumn, or witness the uncensored joy of a child…I see the hand of God again, and I know in the depth of my pain and exhaustion it is all His…and He is in control of it all.


Kirsten said...

I must have been thinking of you today because I reached into my pen drawer and pulled out the red Mickey pen you bought me in Disneyland. It made me happy and closer to you!
Take care and know that even your faraway friends are praying for you and your family.

g said...

thank you. I miss you.

Don said...

I've been reading the book of Isiah, and find it hard to express the greatness of God any better than God Himself expressed it. Yet we keep expressing it, and I think God likes it when we do it, for He did it Himself. It's All Yours that you have quoted is a good example.