Friday, May 15, 2009

thank you, friends

Tomorrow our daughter, Emily, will be married to a fine young man, Jon Newlin. Our Kathy would have been all over this! She would have known just what to do. I never realized how much I have grown to depend on her... her advice, her help....Thinking of things like this was so easy for her...her mind was so quick and is hard for me, sometimes, I don't have a clue as to what to do.

God has sent me incredible help for this task. My family...,Mom, Dad, Deb, Mike, and Crystal... Joy is even here from California (I am very excited about this).

My most unexpected help, though, has come from a little group of women that I call the FOK's (Friends of Kathy). They are a group of ladies whom Kathy did all kinds of little projects with...the ladies she talked to...and was involved in their lives...some of her most dearly loved friends.

These friends are so kind and helpful and dependable. They do what they promise they will do, and they do it with prayers and smiles and deep love for us and Kathy. What a special blessing they have been to me and my family. What a gift from God (and Kathy).

Thank you, friends...what would I do without you?