Saturday, May 23, 2009

troubled waters

I was reading a blog by Susan Lang, who is a building consultant. She writes:

“Many times in my life I have found myself in “troubled waters” which has caused me feelings of despair, pain, fear, sadness, panic, hopelessness, etc. depending on the situation. These “troubled waters” may have resulted from the death of a loved one, an illness of a loved one, my job, my children, my friends, my relationship, or simply an everyday situation. When I was younger I found when I was in “troubled waters” it was quite disturbing and uncomfortable. As I matured, so did my faith. I learned that the Lord led me to “troubled waters” to teach me something, to prepare me for something better, or to even prevent something from happening. Now when I am faced with “troubled waters” I remind myself of two sayings that I have heard many times: “If God took me to it, God will bring me through it” and “when one door closes God will open another door”.

I’m reminded of a Bible verse that I have read frequently:

Isaiah 43:2 (New Living Translation) “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown….”

I have the quote about God ‘opening and closing doors” on my kitchen windowsill right now. In my adult life, I have been working on resting in God’s hands (as he opens and closes doors)…I want to allow him take care of me in the “high waters.” I have to admit that some days, I react to life better than other days. When I write, I can be more thoughtful about it, and I react in a better way than I do “off the cuff.” That’s why I write…so I can sort through things, and give more thought to life.

Most days, I (or someone I know) tread the troubled waters. It’s good to remember God is right in the middle of it all, offering peace and rest.
help me remember,



Mary said...

Thanks again for your helpful words. I'm sure you are aware of the "troubled waters" in our church.
"When one door closes God will open another door" That is good to remember! And that God is "right in the middle of it all. . "