Monday, June 22, 2009

just a year ago today

Just a year ago today, Kathy posted this message on the CaringBridge site of a friend:

“And just remember that God is adding this to the list of ways you can help him. He equips us, through our trials and struggles, to help others traveling on our same (or a little different) journey. You have been, and continue to be, strengthened in ways you could never have imagined. And God will continue to use you for HIS glory.”

I have trouble getting my mind around the fact that Kathy had about five days left of conscious thought in her earthly life when she wrote this.

It was so “Kathy” for her to write these words, because she truly tried to use what she had learned, through all that they went through with the twins, to help others through similar situations.

When the friend gave me a framed copy of these words, it was like Kathy was talking to me…telling me what she thought about our situation without her. No, she didn’t tell us what to do at her funeral. She didn’t give advice on the continued care of her children. She didn’t explain how to keep going without her. She did, though, remind us that, as Paul writes in Romans 8:28, God works through everything that happens to us for our good…and through that good, we can share our stories of hope and trust in a God who loves us and always gives his best for us.

Just a year ago today, Kathy was emailing a friend with encouragement. She was also helping with VBS, and shopping, and cooking, and planning, and caring for her family. What a difference a year can make.