Monday, July 21, 2008


I love words…pudgy, fat words…skinny, reedy words…square, perfect words. Words have the power to create pictures in my head and feelings within my being. Sometimes words leave me breathless, and sometimes they seem to give me the next breath I need for the journey.

I’ve studied a lot about the different love languages that people have. Mine is definitely words of affirmation…written words of affirmation. Anyone who has ever written me encouraging and loving words, would probably find them displayed on the window ledge above my kitchen sink for a few weeks. Later, you would find them in my “happy box” (a beautiful, decorated box that Emily made for one of my birthdays). My happy box is full of wonderful, loving words. It is one of the treasures of my earthly life.

I’ve been thinking about this after these last traumatic weeks in my life. I’ve been marveling at the healing power of the words that were published on Kathy’s website. As soon as I could get an internet connection at the hospital, I knew I had to start writing about our experience. First, I set up a blog, and then I remembered CaringBridges (which some friends and family were currently using), and I knew this would have to be my vehicle for expression. Little did I know what a lifeline it would become for me, my family and a whole community of people.

All that said, I’m going to start blogging on this site. I have blogged before, and I loved it. I am hoping that this is a way I can begin to sort through my current thoughts and feelings and come to a place of healing.

I invite you to come on this journey with me. There may be days that I am unable to post, but I will try to write most days. Leave comments, or just read my thoughts. Either way, you are welcome here.



Don said...

It is appropriate that I am may be the first to post a comment, since I have been encouraging you to resume your blog. I am happy that you have decided to do it, and you can be sure that you will have at least one constant reader.

Don said...

Maybe it would be better if I had written It is appropriate that I may be...

Abigail said...

Oh! I can't tell you how much I agree with your first post! Words-through journaling, through my own blog, through letters-have helped me through pretty much every season of my life and I completely understand what you mean about your "happy box" ( I have one too!)....
Your posts on Kathy's blog where truly beautiful and I recognized how often we can "rise to the occasion' for our readers sake and then find that we have ACTUALLY found the Hope that we needed in turn! Writing can do that like nothing else!
I'll be reading-and i know it will help me to know what to pray for your family even better-so thank you! :-)

Mary said...

I have read every journal and guest book entry that was posted on "Caring Bridge". I was so very excited when I read this morning that you have started a new blog,to express your thoughts and feelings during a time of healing.

I have already been blessed by the "Happy Box" What a wonderful treasure!

I look forward with anticipation to this journey that you are allowing us to walk with you.

I have the CD of "When I Lay My Isaac Down." A tremendous testimony of faith.

Looking forward to your next entry!