Saturday, July 26, 2008


I knew it was truly vacation yesterday when I saw Drew Beaver, at the beach, with a ring pop in his mouth! We had a wonderful time!

The sun was brilliant, the waves were huge, and the gritty lunch was delicious! Most of all, it was sweet being with some of the people I love most in the world jumping through killer waves, feeling like, “I don’t want this to ever end.”

I thought a lot about what Mrs. Ivy said on CaringBridge about how the ocean is constantly regenerating and renewing…isn’t God good to have thought about how all that would work for us?

I thought about how I needed shells for our first science lesson on observation, at school, so I collected a bunch.

I thought about how last year at the beach…we didn’t know that would be our last family gathering in which we would all be there.

I thought about how we had Kathy’s funeral on what was to be the first day of our beach trip this year.

I thought about how we just don’t have any idea how life is going to turn out. How, like yesterday at the beach, we need to savor the moments…love the people we are with…do our best toward each other…

Thank you, Lord, for days of vacation and regeneration…help us to delight in these times.